A Dozen Homemade Organic Garden Remedies

This is a great list of safer alternatives for you gardeners and those of us who are visited by bugs. As a holistic wellness practitioner I am always looking for and recommending solutions for a healthier you.
Elisabeth Hines, C.N.C., C.B.P.
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Hope Gardens

12 home remedies

Veggie gardens need special care. Vegetable plants are prone to all sorts of disease and fungus. They are highly sought after by pests both big and teeny teeny tiny. A slight negative change in their environment can cause them to stop producing. And we aren’t happy when our veggie garden is just limping along…we want it to thrive!

We also expect our vegetables to be nutritious and safe to eat; and as if that’s not enough, we demand our gardens be harmonious, attractive and a boon to their environment.

This is a lot to ask of our humble garden, but it can be accomplished! Generations of our ancestors have done it, and they’ve done it with less. Maybe we should follow their lead…

You can do it with less by using homemade natural remedies to treat pests and disease. With readily available ingredients, fertilizers too can be mixed up right…

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JOURNEY TO IMPROVED HEALTH: On the other side of environmental illness, depression, foods allergies, multiple chemical sensitivities, post traumatic stress disorder, chronic fatigue and more!

Ebook Cover New_1-1

Many years ago my immune and nervous system crashed on the day my family moved into our new home. We had worked on our home for several months, installing insulation, drywall, painting, trimming and laying ceramic tile. On the last day before we moved in, the carpeting installer, who had been delayed, installed the carpeting. The next day my more than ten year nightmare of compromised health began. I fell into a terrifying deep hole of depression, which I had never experienced before. I suffered from severe stomach pains, doubling over in pain after eating anything, and in one month I lost over twenty pounds. I had a reaction to almost everything I ate or was exposed to.

After consultation with doctors, I was put on antacids and a variety of antidepressants which did nothing to lift the depression or soothe my digestive distress. I had tests done to determine the cause of my debilitating stomach pains and weight loss, providing no answers. I soon realized some foods caused me more difficulties than others and I started to research food allergies. Conventional medicine was not helping me so I decided I had to find the answers to my health issues on my own. After a great deal of research I decided to have a sophisticated blood test done to determine if I had food allergies and how allergic I was. The tests detect antibodies. Antibodies are a type of protein produced by the immune system in response to foreign substances that may be a threat to the body – such as chemicals, virus particles, spores, or bacterial toxins. Sometimes the immune system does not function properly and considers foods as a foreign substance and produces antibodies in response to ingesting those foods. My tests results revealed numerous food allergies (over 80); some produced an immediate reaction and others produced a delayed reaction. Once I had this information, I was able to avoid the items on the list responsible for my reactions and thus quickly eliminate many of my painful gastrointestinal symptoms. The blood test provided me with my first WEAK LIST #1. You can read about that in my blog post THE WEAK LIST: A Necessary Well-being Tool. I learned muscle response testing to further protect myself from the potentially harmful ingredients in foods, especially when I ate out. Learn how to protect yourself in MUSCLE RESPONSE TESTING for Beginners.

Just as a prescription addresses a symptom, I was addressing symptoms by avoiding these foods. Allergies and intolerances are the ‘tip of an iceberg’. Deeper underlying causes existed. There had to be reasons for the onset of so many skewed responses. I needed more answers. I needed to get to the root cause. I would later find out my body pollution from toxin exposures, in combination with chronic stress from physical, mental and emotional sources, was responsible for my health challenges. The damage from these cause ‘skewed responses’. The night we moved into the house the carpeted finished basement flooded, releasing formaldehyde into the air. Formaldehyde is a known respiratory irritant and carcinogen. Before 1996 it was used to set carpet dye. Water re-releases formaldehyde.

After moving into our new home I experienced severe speech difficulties. There were times I was barely able to force a word out. It was so embarrassing when people would ask me if I was alright. They assumed I was going to cry. The spasms made the vocal cords wobble like they do when a person is emotionally upset. I requested a referral to an ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) specialist for investigation of my throat and vocal chords.  A laryngoscope examination indicated I had spasmodic dysphonia. Possible cause was not discussed. The treatment option I was offered was botox injections into my vocal cords every few months. I would be speechless after each treatment for a period of time and would have to continue treatments, probably for the rest of my life. The long term impact was unknown and the results were inconsistent. I declined the treatment. There had to be a better solution.

The depression was my constant companion. I continued to research and read every book and internet article I could find about depression and allergies. I had to eliminate my ‘base of the iceberg’ issues, including my body pollution and allow my body to heal before my symptoms (‘tip of the iceberg’) were completely eliminated. This is where you should start your well-being journey. To eliminate my body pollution I tried many detoxifying supplements but found they did not adequately work.  I developed the herbal bath tea method which uses the body’s largest organ, the skin. It works much like a pain or nicotine patch, sending the detoxifying and healing properties of the herbs throughout the body. The medicinal properties helped my body to detoxify and heal. My body pollution, which had built up over the years, and resulting damage has been eliminated using detoxifying herbal baths, nutritional therapies (food), self-help therapies, energy therapies and customized visualizations for the conditions. These therapies have eliminated my symptoms and helped my body to repair the damage caused by the toxins (leaded gas fumes, formaldehyde, house off gassing of volatile organic compounds, pesticides, etc). Learn more about the strategies I used in my recovery from allergies and multiple chemical sensitivities in THE WHOLE PERSON WELL-BEING EQUATIONFOOD ALLERGIES: GONE and MCS: GONE. To learn how to eliminate your depression read DEPRESSION: GONE. In the books I share the strategies that led me to becoming 100% allergy and depression free, and able to all foods and chemicals without adverse symptoms.  I also share how to reprogram your body to stop the faulty symptom responses. This reprogramming breaks the associations that are at the root of the ‘skewed’ responses.

One out of five individuals is sensitive to formaldehyde, and it is often a factor in the onset of chemical hypersensitivity. There is no safety level.   The Canadian government has set a level at 0.1ppm; this is the same level at which the smell is detectable; it is a carcinogen. Formaldehyde is found in building materials, latex paints, enamels, fabric treatments, foam, deodorizers, preservative and coagulant of rubber latex, toxoids and vaccines, newsprint, inks, nail polish, nail hardeners, wave sets, dyes, personal care products, make up, feminine hygiene items, facial tissue and dry cleaning. They evaporate slowly and remain active for months/years. In fabrics the process is even slower. For more information on the risks of formaldehyde exposure, visit http://www.cancer.gov/cancertopics/factsheet/Risk/formaldehyde.

In my research I found information about systems which permanently addressed allergies and used neuromuscular biofeedback to determine health priorities. I have since become certified in providing these treatments. Permanent allergy elimination treatments will only be effective long term if you address the underlying causes of those symptoms. Learn more about searching for the cause to find a cure in THE WHOLE PERSON WELL-BEING EQUATION.

After years of research and struggling to regain optimum health, using a variety of therapies, treatments and remedies, and many wrong turns; I feel good.  I have regained much of my health naturally!  I am allergy free!  I am depression free!  My energy levels are good. My speech has improved dramatically and most days, sounds fairly normal (from what others tell me).  I am able to go into any building or polluted environment with informed vigilance instead of fear and be symptom free’   I have developed a precautionary principle to protect me from harmful exposures.  Recent trips past the perfume counters in Shopper’s Drug Mart and The Bay have caused no negative symptoms. Most people do not realize they are also affected by the harmful neurotoxic chemicals in scents. I am like a canary in the coal mine, the first to let you know if you have an air quality problem and health concern.  Past damage from synthetic chemicals can leave you with a heightened sense of smell and chemical vigilance, an early warning system and not necessarily a bad thing.  As my body healed my heightened sense of smell and chemical vigilance diminished. I am no longer negatively affected.

In September of 2011 I moved into another new home. Some people probably thought I was crazy based on my past experience with new home off gassing. My upgrades were no VOC paints throughout, costing me approximately $350 extra and hard surface wide plank laminate. There is no carpet in my home. The town home had an air exchanger included, which I felt was mandatory. The remainder of the materials were standard builder picks. I have had no symptoms as the result of living in my new home. The true proof of my recovery from MCS.

I am now a Holistic Wellness Practitioner, Certified Nutritional Consultant and BodyFeedback™ Interview & Therapy Practitioner. I have developed a holistic protocol using neuromuscular biofeedback, energy, reprogramming, detoxification, herbs, nutrition (food) and visualization therapies to be used in combination with the self-help therapies in my books, touch and prayer. I use these therapies on myself, my family members and my clients. Consider using a holistic approach in your quest for optimum health. As a result of neuromuscular biofeedback results, the need for detoxification has been indicated in most clients presenting with various conditions. I have developed herbal detoxifying bath teas based on my body pollution and client results. The recipe can be found in THE WHOLE PERSON WELL-BEING EQUATION. 

I created the BODYFEEDBACK™ INTERVIEW & THERAPY SYSTEM, with a symptom tracking component, to identify health challenges and provide information to implement changes to resolve them. The system also provides you with your ‘weak list’. For more information on how the system works see the information that follows.

For those of you who have suffered for a long time with allergies, intolerances, chemical sensitivities, environmental illnesses, immune disorders and other health problems; do not lose hope; the body has an amazing ability to heal itself.  Sometimes, due to the body being overwhelmed by the stresses of everyday life and interference of toxins in the environment; it needs help. 

A holistic approach using energy, detoxification, nutrition (food), visualization and reprogramming therapies can provide you with renewed health.  It is important to investigate and deal with the root causes and resulting damage or changes (associations).  Addressing the symptoms alone may fail to provide you with the recovery you seek. Significant repair, including DNA repair may be required before symptoms are alleviated. After major chemical exposures the body’s normal ‘default’ criteria, settings and way of responding are altered.  The body starts responding based on the new default setting or altered criteria.  The body is also left with faulty associations that need to be broken. The goal in recovery is to restore and maintain the original defaults and ways of responding through reprogramming. It is possible to do so using a combination of approaches. I have been able to get my body to stop it’s faulty responding using a variety of strategies which I share in my book THE WHOLE PERSON WELL-BEING EQUATION. Well-being is a journey you take one day at a time, one step at a time.  Every day is a new opportunity to get back onto the path to improved well-being. The first step is to believe in your body’s amazing abilities.  I have been able to duplicate the same ‘allergy free’, ‘chemical sensitivity free’ and ‘depression free’ status with my clients using the strategies in my protocol, which can be found in my book.

Scripture provides many reminders of the importance of belief:  “Therefore I say to you, all things for which you pray and ask, believe that you have received them, and they will be granted you” Mark 11:24.  You are not alone! Start by looking at your body pollution and using your body’s amazing abilities created by God to recover. Learn from my journey to improved well-being in THE WHOLE PERSON WELL-BEING EQUATION.

Focusing your attention and money on symptom relief like permanent allergy elimination treatments for allergies, ‘tip of the iceberg’ symptoms, may not provide long term holding power without first addressing the underlying ‘base of the iceberg’ issues. The Whole Person Well-being Equation book will provide you with the strategies I used to regain my health and the recommended way to proceed, saving you wasted time and money. I wasted a lot of both.

If you have positive results from any of the information you learn from my books, my website or talks, please let me know. Positive feedback is always welcome. It may help someone else on their well-being journey. If your results have not been as anticipated, I encourage you to reassess and try other approaches in your search for improved well-being. Every person is uniquely different and will require a distinctive approach made up of a combination of strategies. It may take more time to see results.

In keeping with the philosophy I wrote about in my book THE WHOLE PERSON WELL-BEING EQUATION, I am continuing with my symptom elimination investigation.  In September of 2012, I completed one series of  non-surgical voice repair lessons for spasmodic dysphonia with Diana Yampolsky at the Royan’s Professional Vocal School in Toronto.  I have been practicing the vocal exercises since then.  I have had few spasms as a result.  The biggest bonus for me was that I was able to sing Christmas carols at church on Christmas Eve.  I hadn’t been able to join in the singing at church because of my previously ‘strangled voice’.  It really was a Christmas miracle.  I know that my voice will continue to improve with the exercises and visualizations.

Spasmodic dysphonia is a neurological disorder affecting the voice muscles in the larynx, or voice box. In spasmodic dysphonia, the muscles inside the vocal folds experience sudden involuntary movements—called spasms—which interfere with the ability of the folds to vibrate and produce sound.  Spasmodic dysphonia causes voice breaks and can give the voice a tight, strained quality.

Whatever symptoms you are experiencing – You can become 100% symptoms free.

Investigate the common denominators in your symptom equation like I did.

Wishing you well and success on your well-being journey.

Elisabeth Hines, C.N.C., C.B.P.

Holistic Wellness Practitioner


Health by Design Blogger


UPCOMING WORKSHOP: Muscle Response Testing For Improved Health

Muscle Response Testing Cover for Beginners

This is a call for interest in a one day Muscle Response Testing workshop at my location in Almonte, Ontario on Saturday, Septermber 7.

Cost is $100 and includes a copy of THE WHOLE PERSON WELL-BEING EQUATION. If you already have a copy, this is an opportunity for you to ‘pay potential healthy giving information forward’ by giving it to a friend or family member.  Lunch is included plus a mini ‘weak list’ assessment for each participant.

“One of the most beneficial therapies/tools in my pursuit for improved well-being has been learning and using muscle response testing. Although I use many therapies and still combine therapies, I believe this tool has basically saved my life. Muscle response testing uses the body’s natural responses to harmful stimuli (valid or perceived). This testing determined all of the factors in my environments weakening me, thus allowing me to avoid them. Once I avoided the harmful factors (real and perceived), my strength was restored and my body concentrated its energies towards healing instead of vigilance and reacting.”

That is my testimony you just read. Learning and using muscle response testing has been a life saver for me and can be for you. Check out the information on muscle response testing which uses neuromuscular biofeedback at these links.

Applied Kinesiology – Muscle Response Testing – http://www.kinesiology.net/research.asp

Scientific Validation of the Mind/Body Paradigm and Muscle Testing – http://www.onefoundation.org/synopsis/monti_etc.html

  • This is a no-scent environment.  Synthetic scents contain neurotoxins and interfere with neuromuscular biofeedback responses.  Please wash your clothing (if you have used scented candles, air fresheners, detergents, fabric softeners or perfumes/after shaves) in baking soda, 2 cups per load allowing to soak overnight,  and add extra rinses.

For more information visit my workshop page at http://www.mybodycanhealitself.ca/workshops.htm.

If you require accommodation, I have overnight space at an additional fee. There are also B&B options near by.  Please inquire.

If you would like to book a BodyFeedback™ Interview &Therapy Session either before or after the workshop, please let me know in advance.

Please send me an email if you are interested. Pick up and drop off at the Greyhound bus station or Via Rail station can be arranged.

Elisabeth Hines, C.N.C., C.B.P., Holistic Wellness Practitioner, www.mybodycanhealitself.ca, elisabethlhines@gmail.com

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ELDER ABUSE: A Serious Concern


Caring for our elderly parents is a responsibility many of us share. Our parents provided loving care for us as children and it is now our turn to care for them with love and respect. My parents now 92 and 87 have been lucky enough to stay together in a retirement home where they receive excellent care. My siblings, who live closer to them, have taken on most of the communicating regarding the provision of their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs.

I am very grateful that my parents are well taken care of. The same can not be said for all elderly persons living at home, with family, in retirement and nursing homes. This fact has been brought to my attention recently in the news where I heard reports of continued abuse in nursing homes. My daughter had a conversation about nursing home care with a woman beside her on a recent flight in Canada. The woman worked in a nursing home. My daughter mentioned her aging grandparents and their living situation; as well as the possibility that one or both of them may require nursing home care in the future. The woman was very emphatic when she said – “do not every put your grandparents into a nursing home”. She followed up by telling her about the ‘unacceptable care’ that she had witnessed in many of the nursing homes she worked in.

The reality is, my parents will probably need nursing home care in the future. It will be our responsibility as their children to become informed and stay vigilant to keep them safe. The Ontario Senior’s Secretariat is a good resource on identifying and stopping elder abuse. Their website also provides informative videos on the subject. Ontario is taking steps to help eliminate elder abuse by providing, for the first time in the province’s history, annual operating funding for prevention initiatives.

Shortly after my daughter told me about the conversation on the plane, I was contacted by a communications officer for PAUL & PERKINS and asked if I would provide a link on my website for a Nursing Home Abuse Guide. According to their website “Nearly 1/3 of all homes in the United States has been cited for Nursing Home Abuse”. Click on their video ‘What are the types of Nursing Home Abuse’ at this link VIDEO ON NURSING HOME ABUSE to learn more.

The goal of this post and the links are to increase awareness of nursing home abuse and neglect so that you can make choices for better care for your loved ones. Moving your parents to another facility may not be feasible or resolve the potential for abuse. Become informed so that you are equipped to make the best decisions possible to provide for safe elderly care for your loved ones.

Wherever you live, seek out resources to assist you in your quest to provide safe care for you aging loved one.

Wishing you well!

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Thank you!

Elisabeth Hines, C.N.C., C.B.P., Holistic Wellness Practitioner, www.mybodycanhealitself.ca

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The (Horror) Story of Cosmetics

I love your cartoon stories. They have a way of really getting a message across about the dangers of ingredients in cosmetics. Thank you for your inspirational stories.

I provide information on these dangers on my COST OF BEAUTY POSTER at http://www.mybodycanhealitself.ca/costof_beauty%5B1%5D.pdf.

Elisabeth Hines, C.N.C., C.B.P.
Holistic Wellness Practitioner

Fleurty Naturelle's Blog

So, I’ve been making my own beauty products for a little while now. It started when I was researching cosmetics in the middle ages…and realized that from the beginning of time women have had the choice between safe cosmetics and cosmetics that are harmful to their health. I wrote a little bit about that here.

Even in the times of the Romans there was pressure to achieve an “ideal” beauty standard that most of the women had to work very hard at. To get the prized unibrow, they drew them in. To smell nice, they used scented olive oils. To appear pale (difficult for these naturally olive toned women) they used powder made with lead. Yep, the poisonous stuff. It looked (sort of) ok at first (as long as they didn’t mind the greyish tint, or go out in the rain, or sweat), but eventually it caused their skin…

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WEIGHT LOSS: A Holistic Approach

Weight Management

“If you don’t need a pill or supplement to get fat, why would you need them to get slim”

Obesity and excess weight issues are the result of your body storing calories that your body has not used, as well as changes in metabolism.


As you age your body’s metabolic rate tends to decline. Realistically then, the response should be to eat less and move more. In most cases this is not a first weight management response. There are multiple factors that interfere with the normal body processes responsible for metabolism. Body pollution and stress hormones and the interference and dysfunction they cause can seriously impact metabolism. Hormone disruptors that are a part of your body pollution and those that you consume  and use on your body, are serious offenders. Some medications and supplements can alter the body’s normal metabolic mechanisms. Emotional distress produces stress hormones which disrupt the body’s other hormones. Excess cortisol leads to a heightened appetite and cravings for sugar and simple carbs, contributing to increased belly fat. The hormone leptin is supposed to signal you to stop eating when you are full. Ghrelin, the hunger hormone counteracts leptin and other hormones and tells the body it’s time to eat.


Many of my clients are still struggling with weight issues. I have also carried unwanted extra pounds. The holistic approach to weight management that I use with clients deals with all aspects of the EXCESS WEIGHT EQUATION. You, undoubtedly will share some of the same common denominators.

  1. Deal with your body pollution – Stop adding more hormone and metabolism disruptors to your body and environment. What does your body’s potentially harmful chemical equation look like? LEARN MORE.  DETOXIFY your existing body pollution.  .
  2. Deal with your stress hormones – Use stress management tools and strategies to keep your body calm and balanced – this will help you in your weight loss quest. My book THE WHOLE PERSON WELL-BEING EQUATION has an extensive section on understanding the impact of stress and stress management strategies.
  3. Deal with your ENTITLEMENT ISSUES. These are the messages that your inner voice sends you that give you permission to eat that extra goodie, snack or helping of your favourite food.  Here are some examples of those inner messages: ‘I had a hard day, I’ve had a really hard life, I worked really hard today, I had a really bad day, I deserve a treat, I’m retired now so I should be able do what I want.’  ENTITLEMENT ISSUES are a major weight management issue.
  4. Use BODY SCAN visualizations and customized BODY SCAN visualizations to reset your body’s ‘mixed up’ or ‘disrupted’ metabolic and body responses. These can be found in my book THE WHOLE PERSON WELL-BEING EQUATION.
  • Body Scan Visualization #4 helps to reset your body’s HPA (hypothalamus, pituitary, adrenal) stress response. Multiple factors can interfere with and damage the normal HPA stress response.
  • Body Scan Visualization #13 helps to restore your body’s primary default settings and responses. These can be altered by multiple factors.
  • Body Scan Visualization #18 helps your body to maintain healthy emotional responses.
  • Body Scan Visualization # 23 helps to stop your body’s faulty responses.
  • Body Scan Visualization # 37 helps your body to restore normal insulin production and regulation.
  • Body Scan Visualization # 38 helps to increase your body’s metabolic rate to more efficiently metabolize your calorie intake (you will still be required to maintain an adequate level of physical activity for the calories you consume daily).
  • Body Scan Visualization # 39 helps reset your appetite to match your body’s nutritional needs. Multiple factors can increase your appetite.
  • Body Scan Visualization # 40 helps reset your satiety to match your body’s nutritional needs. Multiple factors can interfere with your satiety (feel satisfied/that you have had enough) after eating.

My book THE WHOLE PERSON WELL-BEING EQUATION provides more information to help you in your quest for weight management.

  • Various herbs promote detoxification and improved metabolism.
  • Nutritional assessment and diet planning for weight management.
  • Information on healthy fats. The correct ratio of Omega 3 to Omega 6 fats is crucial to avoid chronic inflammation, a weight management issue.

Wishing you well!

Thank you!

Elisabeth Hines, C.N.C., C.B.P., Holistic Wellness Practitioner, www.mybodycanhealitself.ca

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MUSCLE RESPONSE TESTING – A health promoting self-help tool!


Muscle response testing is one of the self-help ‘abilities’ everyone possesses that can provide you with improved health. On a daily basis you are affected by many factors, some of which may be causing interference, malfunction or damage in your body. If this happens regularly, your body’s immunosurveillance, immune response and other body functions can become compromised; putting you at risk for unwanted symptoms, conditions and disease. Your body is constantly sending you warning information to keep you healthy through your intuition; and lets you know when something is off. Sometimes you do not hear those messages due to  preoccupation, stress, interference, lack of balance,sickness or other factors. Muscle response testing allows you to tap into the ‘something is off’ information, normally provided by your intuition through a physical feedback mechanism. It can compensate for when your body fails to ‘hear your intuition’s warnings’. 

         “One of the most beneficial therapies/tools in my pursuit for improved well-being has been learning and using muscle response testing. Although I use many therapies and still combine therapies, I believe this tool has basically saved my life. Muscle response testing uses the body’s natural responses to harmful stimuli (valid or perceived). This testing determined all of the factors in my environments weakening me, thus allowing me to avoid them. Once I avoided the harmful factors (real and perceived), my strength was restored and my body concentrated its energies towards healing instead of vigilance and reacting.”




  • Ability to identify immune system weakening factors
  • Increased energy by avoiding factors that cause you weakness
  • Improved immunosurveillance (body’s ability to identify health challenges)
  • Improved immune system response (body’s ability to attack viruses, bacteria and cancer cells)
  • Renewed hope that ‘you can regain your health’
  • Improved ability to appreciate life


    • How to identify your well-being challenging factors
    • How to team up with your body’s immunosurveillance system to restore your health
    • How to strengthen your body’s immune response
    • How to discreetly use muscle response testing to shop for safer products 

Order Muscle Response Testing for Beginners today and start regaining your health!

Ebook Cover New_1-1

Elisabeth Hines, C.N.C., C.B.P.

Holistic Wellness Practitioner


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PESTICIDES PRODUCE UNWANTED SYMPTOMS: Could the pesticides that are regularly sprayed in almost every public place, such as the grocery store, schools, office buildings, hospitals, banks, golf courses, neighbours yard, highways and parks, be responsible for your symptoms?

lady-bugKnown by many different labels ( e.g. Raid), pesticides are sprayed regularly almost everywhere you travel. Routine pesticide spraying is a common practice in most public places as well as retirement homes, condominiums, motels and restaurants. The harmful neurotoxic and endocrine disrupting chemicals that make up pesticides can cause many unwanted symptoms; depression, chronic fatigue, head aches, auto immunity, heart palpitations, autism, nausea, vomiting, insomnia, multiple chemical sensitivity, hypothyroidism and more.

P.S. Always be vigilant about investigating the ingredients in the products you use. Ingredients sources and processing can change potentially compromising the products safety and consumer satisfaction.

To protect your health use non-toxic pesticide control measures.

COCKROACHES: Bay leaves, boric acid, boric acid/powdered sugar mix, oatmeal/flour/plaster of Paris mix, bait boxes.

ANTS: Black pepper, chili powder, chalk, lavender/olive oil mix, ferns, juniper leaves, goldenrod.

MOTHS: Cedar, lavender.

FLEAS: Spray pets with vinegar/water mix daily; feed pet brewers yeast, vitamin B or garlic tablets with food; fennel, rue and rosemary rub, enzyme shampoo.

MICE & RATS: Lavender, cedar oil, camphor, peppermint oil.



Alternatives to Pesticides, HEALTHY CHOICES LIVES NEWSLETTER, University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute, Centre for Environmental Oncology, Spring 2007, Volume 1, Number 4. http://www.environmentaloncology.org

Elisabeth Hines, C.N.C., C.B.P. Holistic Wellness Practitioner, http://www.mybodycanhealitself.ca

SHOP for safer, natural pestiticide options at http://www.mybodycanhealitself.ca/shop.htm

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WATER: A possible connection to Alzheimers and Dementia


Water is so important to our health and yet we often times pay little attention to it when our health fails. Getting enough water every day is vital; but getting the right kind of water is even more critical to health

What kind of water should we be drinking? Look to nature for that information. The best source of water to maintain a healthy body is water in its natural form minus any contaminants. Drinking water that has had the naturally occurring minerals removed (e.g. reverse osmosis) may leave us with unwanted toxicities. Aluminum toxicity can occur in persons who drink water the is missing these vital components, which are required to bind to aluminum and remove it from the body. Aluminum toxicity has been a suspected health concern,  especially in mental conditions like Alzheimers and dementia.

When investigating your mental health concerns make sure you take a close look at the water you are drinking and bathing in on a daily basis. Your skin is your largest organ so make sure your filtration methods address shower and bath water as well as drinking water.

Elisabeth Hines, C.N.C., C.B.P.  Holistic Wellness Practitioner  www.mybodycanhealitself.ca

SHOP for safer, water treatment options at http://www.mybodycanhealitself.ca/shop.htm

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In the past I have tried and used Finish, Cascade and Seventh Generation dishwasher detergents. When I moved into my town home I had a new dishwasher installed that came with a sample of one of these popular automatic dishwasher detergents. I used it and even bought a box. I then bought a box of each of the other detergents. Every time I washed the dishes any knives or forks with peanut butter (organic) or egg on them would not come clean. I contacted the store where I bought the dishwasher and they sent out a repair man. He insisted the problem was the temperature of the water which I investigated. My dishwasher had a hot start and high temperature wash, so I knew that was not the problem.  I then bought a box of ECOVER Ecological automatic dishwasher powder. Although I had tried natural dishwasher detergents in the past because I really care about the environment, I never found them to work very well. . It cost me $10.79 and the box says it does 38 loads. I am delighted to say that all knives and forks and dishes come out spotless every time. This is even after they sit in the dishwasher 4 to 5 days, waiting for a full load, without rinsing or washing. I think this is an amazing product and would definitely recommend it. For more products to promote a ‘healthier you’, visit my SHOP page.

Elisabeth Hines, C.N.C., C.B.P.,  Holistic Wellness Practitioner  www.mybodycanhealitself.ca

P.S. Always be vigilant about investigating the ingredients in the products you use. Ingredients sources and processing can change potentially compromising the products safety and consumer satisfaction.